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Cancelation Policy

24-Hour Cancelation

Please extend to me the same curtsey I would give any professional, by letting me know 24-hours in advance if you have to cancel your Private Yoga, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, or Hypnosis session. No emails cancelations, please. Text is best, phone is second best way to alert me. Thanks!

Fee Will Be Applied

A full hour and quarter fee will be applied and debited if 24-hour notice is not given. If client has prepaid for a series of private sessions, one session will be deducted from series total.

We Understand Things Happen

Emergencies happen. Folks get sick.  Real legit stuff comes up.  I understand, but please text or call, asap, prior to your appointment. Texting is the best means to insure I have received the message you are unable to attend. No email cancelations, please. Also make sure you get a reply from me.

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