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Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Rise & Shine AM Yoga Stretch

Exceeding Expectations

Mondays 9: to 10:15 a.m. Rise & Shine Yoga Stretch via Zoom is a wonderful way to launch into our week in a positive direction with like-minded people. No yoga experience necessary ~beginners and experienced yogis will feel at home. A great, gentle morning practice to mentally and physically prepare for the day.  Classes are 'From My Home to Yours,' via Zoom, making yoga not only accessible and convenient from where ever you live, but you have a professional seasoned yoga teacher to guide you effectively and safely.  Begins March 6 thru May 1, 2023 .Nine-week session. Makeups can be arranged. Class can be prorated, and begun after start date if room allows. All levels, $189. Pay via Venmo : @Pamela-OBrien-11 or by check or cash 16  N. Riverside Ave., St. Charles, Il 60174


Unwinding at Day's End: PM Yoga

Yoga for All Levels

Held at the studio with limited reservations! Monday 6:30 til 7:50 p.m. gentle, yet rejuvenating class is for 'every body. ' Wind down at day's end, and stretch out the kinks, using movement, postures, breath, and visualization.  End with a tranquil, guided yogic relaxation to help foster a deep, healing night's sleep.  The practice will lead you to the doorway of a peaceful, relaxed body,  and mind at days end, to help cope with stress, and give positive perspective to the events of the day. Begins March 6 thru May 1, 2023. $189, 9-week series. Makeup classes can be arranged during the 9-week session. Students may begin the series late at the prorated fee, if space allows.

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Lunch Break 'Zoom' Ball Yoga

Committed to Quality

Tuesdays noon til 12:30 p.m. Align and limber your body & mind in this fun 'Lunch Break' which will leave you joyfully moving  through your afternoon with more energy and a positive attitude, rather than sleepy and stodgy! Stuck at a computer all day or glued to the phone? This class makes exercise easy from the comfort of home or office by joining the class via 'Zoom." And it is only a half an hour! Students must supply their own yoga ball. Inquire to purchase appropriate size ball. May 3 til June 21, 2022. Eight- week session. $80. May register late; class can be prorated.

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Mindfulness Meditation/ Yoga Nidra: Guided

Discover Lasting Peace

  Learn how to discover peace and calm in tumultuous times through simple, mindfulness practices, guided meditation methods, visualization, breath, mantra, imagery and sound. Deep relaxation methods , mindfulness, along with gentle yoga,  guided yoga nidra (yogic sleep), and calming breathing techniques aide students in not only coping with stress, but possessing the tools for a lifetime. Connect with your spirit and peace that is your innate nature.  And for those who already meditate enjoy the deepening of your practice with our like-minded community! Tuesdays 5:30 to 6:45 p.m. March 7 thru May 2. 9-week series, $189. Makeups may be arranged with teacher during the 9-week series. If room available class may be started after start date at prorated fee.

Yoga Ball

Yoga with the Ball for Healthy Backs

Back Care Yoga with the Ball

Tuesdays 10:30 til 11:45 a.m.  This novel classes uses the ancient wisdom of yoga with modern sensibility and creativity of modern props to help students discover renewed mobility, back strength, and freedom from pain. We will incorporate the use of exercise balls in the class for optimal support, strengthening, balance, and assistance in flexibility. Pamela is specially certified in Seven Back Conditions by renowned doctor, Loren Fishman, MD., along with understanding first-hand due to her own spinal fusion and scoliosis condition. Join us for this 8-week class May be prorated if started late. Makeups are available.  Begins May 3 til June 21, 2022. $160.  Must supply your own yoga ball. Inquire how to choose the right size for your height and weight. Arrangements may be made to made-up missed classes during the 8 weeks.

Wellness Coach

Unwinding Level II Day's End

Deepen Your Well

Wednesdays from 6:30 til 7:50 p.m. This PM class is perfect for physically and mentally unwinding through this gentle yoga practice. This gentle, relaxing yoga practice will encourage the untangling of body and mind. Class ends with guided yoga nidra (yogic sleep) and  meditation. Class Series begins March 8 thru May 3, 2023. 9-week session. $189. If room available class students may register after start date at prorated fee. Space reserved for 7-8 students only.

Woman in Lotus Pose

Teen Yoga for Stress Relief: Mind & Body

Sense of Community

Starting in June 2022 ~ Once school is out for summer . . .Come join this like-minded group of teens seeking  positive ways to channel their stress and frustration .  Feeling overwhelmed by all the changes brought on by the pandemic? School? Parents? Competition on Social Media? We're in this together, and will learn breathing practices, guided relaxation and postures fostering strength, calm, and flexibility so students begin to feel more empowered and optimistic. 5-week session begins Thursday, June. Live at the studio , socially distanced, masked. Proof of vaccination required. $100.

Active Senior Couple

Bones, Backs & Balance

Staying Youthful through Yoga

This semi-private specialized class has the benefits of a private therapeutic session at a group discounted price . Thursdays from 10:30 til 11:45 a.m. Maintain, awaken, strengthen and balance as you gracefully and optimally age through a therapeutic, gentle, modified yoga practice. We will use chairs, yoga ball, blocks and blankets as tools to help make yoga safer and more accessible. Ideal for those with osteoporosis, back issues, arthritis. Learn new ways of building bone density, joint mobility, muscular strength and flexibility to leave you inspired! Nine-week series begins March 9 thru May 4, 2023. Makeups can be arranged for missed classes during the 9-week program. $239. Classes can be prorated if started late.

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