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This is Greenleaf Yoga

I'm Pamela O'Brien, a veteran yoga / meditation teacher with over 25 years of teaching experience, and 32 years of personal practice. Allow me to help guide you to the wellspring of contentment, well-being, and creativity within you through Greenleaf's unique three-trunk approach to experience  YOUR TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF!


Greenleaf is about as well rounded as it gets in our approach to serve you best. In our private sessions, intimately-sized, tailored & modified classes, limited to 8 students in person, you'll  get hooked on the glow which comes after a yoga, meditation or hypnosis session. Warning! It is kind of addictive, but with no hangover, or guilty feelings :)) I believe in the effective power of intimacy-learning, and methods which compliment traditional healing. Most of us learn best with personal attention, sprinkled with the love and care we long for. It is my intention at Greenleaf Studio to meet you right where you are at. And unlike most teachers, who most times do not know your present or past challenges, prior to your sessions we will chat about your needs, and how to best approach your goals.  There is no one size fits all yoga here, yet  everyone is welcome!

It isn't exactly hot-off-the-press news that the mind has a deep affect on the body, and that how we feel greatly impacts how we navigate deep waters of the mind.  There is a meme floating around the net which may be attributed to trauma researcher, Dr. Bessel van Der Kolk, who incorporates trauma sensitive yoga into traditional treatment for Post Traumatic Syndrome~ "The body keeps the score."

Or you may have heard, 'the body holds the memory of an experience in its cells and tissues.'  Now discover ways you can harness the intelligence of your body and mind to find peace of mind and freedom in your body during these challenging times.

I BELIEVE IN YOU!  How?  Because I believe in the innate human creativity and problem-solving instinct which exists within each and everyone of us. It is within our hard wiring to thrive, yet at times things just can get a little wonky! That's where the consciousness of mindful practices such as meditation, yoga and even hypnosis come in to play. I am here to help teach you a new way of looking at your challenges ! So, whether it is through guided self-hypnosis or the deep, guided relaxation practice called yoga nidra, I promise to help you cope with challenges & meet your goals, like mining through your gift's to figure out your 'encore career;' recover the spring in your step; and find a complimentary approach to fighting off anxiety and the blues.  You'll be introduced to your true self, your storehouse of inner well being, creating a renaissance in your life. So if you are struggling to recognize the voice of your authentic self to create your best life, reach out today without delay. 

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