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Greenleaf Studio

Helping people discover their innate wellbeing

Welcome to a studio unlike most yoga studios, a place you can feel at home and accepted, yet experience real positive change ~ be it emotional, physical or spiritual through our three core trunks emphasizing Mind, Body & Spirit.  Greenleaf is a nest to grow in and branch out from to help you cope with stress and overwhelm, heal from injury and illness, and become stronger, more resilient. And because we understand that feeling well is experienced both in mind and body, we take a balanced approach through guided meditation, mindfulness, relaxation, therapeutic yoga and self-hypnosis, offered both privately and in group classes. 

 Register Now and ease into making lasting positive change! Winter classes began the week of Monday Jan. 8th thru week of Mar 22, 2024, helping you to turn a new leaf!  NO WORRIES, if you missed the start date; classes can be started later at a prorated fee. Email now to launch your wellness goals  Join now, space is reserved for no more

than eight students. Check Greenleaf's array of classes under options under: Class Programs & Descriptions and register to deepen your resilience of mind, body and spirit

All Winter Class Series are focused on self-care, immune-boosting practices to assist us through this cooped-up season during physically and emotionally-challenging days of winter. Techniques will include ancient, yet simple yogic breathing practices to stoke our digestive fire intended to keep us stronger physically and strengthening our lung capacity.  This is so crucial due to the slew of respiratory illness we are exposed to this winter.

   Because I've never been one who  felt comfortable or well-served at massive universities, impersonal mega churches, big-box fitness centers or in corporate culture, I created Greenleaf. It is both physically and energetically an intimate respite in a hectic world for people of all walks of life no matter one's size, shape, physical or emotional challenge.  No intimidation factor here or way out esoteric experience . We are a welcoming community.  So be it in person, indoor or out or from the comfort of your home via Zoom, I'm here to support you in your well-being goals.


Peace and light,

Pamela O'Brien, CYT, CH


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Curious? Looking for answers

We all have stumbling blocks which get in our way of asking for help. I understand it takes a lot of courage, that may have been building out of frustration, pain, or fear.  I myself have been there ~ searching for answers, just like you are, and boy am I grateful I found yoga some 30 years ago. I encourage you to take the first step toward greater emotional and physical health, and contact me with your questions in the form below.


 And, just like you, I am loaded to the gills with unnecessary emails, so I promise to never sell your information, or send you gazillions of marketing emails. But I would love to add you to my newsletter list below if you 'Subscribe." 

E-newsletters only arrives about 10  times a year, to keep you abreast of the latest wellness workshops, events, and classes which change about 8 times a year. These newsletters are fun, quirky and informative; I know you'll enjoy them. :)

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